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Your journey to a positive birth experience starts here

Hello! I am Emma of The Bump Business – mother to Henry, 1, and currently pregnant with my second hypno-baby. Before Henry’s birth my husband and I completed a private hypnobirthing course, and it genuinely changed our lives. From the first session I felt calm and reassured about my ability to give birth, but it was the profound effect it had on my husband that really surprised me! He went from being being completely panicked (“As soon as there’s any signs of contractions we are getting you straight to the hospital!”) to totally relaxed (to the point where during labour when I felt it was time to go to the hospital he told me he thought we could manage another hour at home!) – what a difference! I had the most incredible birth experience – I actually enjoyed it! So much so I was desperate to equip other mothers with the tools I had to enable them to have a similarly came and empowered experience with their own births, and now here I am – a Calm Birth School trained hypnobirthing teacher.

This is YOUR birth, and there is no reason why it can’t be a calm and positive experience – no matter what path it takes. Together we can make it memorable for all the right reasons.

– Emma Grimshaw

What is Hypnobirthing?

I will be the first to admit it, ‘hypnobirthing’ as a term sounds a little hippy-dippy! But honestly it is far from it. Rooted in science, hypnobirthing is all about retraining and preparing your mind and body for birth. The ‘hypno’ element works firstly to unpick any fears or negative associations you may have with birth. It the helps you learn to deeply relax, stay calm and remain focused.

The ‘birthing’ bit is incredibly practical and empowering. You will expand your knowledge, learn about your rights and options, and understand what will be happening to your body and how to work with it. You will feel prepared with advice and guidance for creating a meaningful birth plan, managing the build up to labour and the birth itself, as well as preparation for the fourth trimester (the crazy and magical period after birth). And you will develop a tailored ‘toolkit for birth’ cherrypicked from the relaxation tools and techniques you are taught on your hypnobirthing journey.

How can Hypnobirthing help me?

  • Change the way you think about birth
  • Let go of your fears and anxieties
  • Understand and trust your body
  • Learn about your birth choices
  • Start bonding with your baby
  • Feel empowered and supported
  • Stay calm, relaxed and controlled
  • Create a positive birth experience
Private Hypnobirthing Courses
  • One-to-one tailored support
  • In the comfort of your own home
  • At a time that works for you
  • The Calm Birth School book
  • The Calm Birth School MP3s
  • A gorgeous goody bag
Courses Scheduled to Suite You
Group Hypnobirthing Courses
  • Weekly tuition and relaxation
  • Delivered in a calm environment
  • With other likeminded mammas
  • The Calm Birth School book
  • The Calm Birth School MP3s
  • A gorgeous goody bag
Next Group Course: April 2019

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Our complete hypnobirthing and antenatal education courses empower mammas and their birth partners, and helps you prepare for one of the most incredible, important and memorable experiences of your life.

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